The national parks are still basically closed to the public, but I will be starting back at my old job tomorrow at noon. Most people will be cleaning and doing different projects around the area. The gas station and general store is still open with shortened hours. We are only guaranteed 7 weeks, then it depends on what the government and NPS wants to do with the park. But at least I get something to do for the next 7 weeks.

The employee shuttle will not be running yet, so I will ride into work with a co-worker..well except for days that she is off. Then we have to figure something out. Once the general manager’s wife asked if I wanted to move back on property, for the 7 weeks. I told her that part-time would be alright but I wasn’t packing everything up again. Remember I hate packing. But I could deal with staying there for just 2 nights a week.

Seems strange to think that I have been out of work about 5 weeks now. You would think that should have been time to do a few projects of my own, but I realize that I wasted alot of time doing nothing at all. I really do procrastinate way to much. I could say that if the country is still shutdown 7 weeks from now, and I end up unemployed again, that I will finish my stuff then. But let’s get real I am the queen of procrastination living in the “Land of Later”… as in i will do it later, whenever later is.

After reading a few different blogs from others about procrastination, I learned that supposedly I lack purpose and have very bad self-management skills. Well actually I already knew that about myself.