That link is an article about different bloggers challenging themselves to get creative and blog everyday during this coronavirus epidemic.

If anyone reading this is participating in ANY type of blogging challenge then please let me know because I like reading them. Maybe I can even join in on a challenge or two. If not then maybe I will challenge myself and see if I can blog a few times a week on one theme or subject. Boy that sounds like 2 different challenges right from the start. #1 make all blogs around one theme #2 blog every day for a month. The most I have done in the past was 17 posts in a month since I started this site in 2011.

I was going through some of the 100 blogs I followed..yes one hundred. I deleted half of them so now I am following only fifty. Some of those blogs were not updated for almost 10 years. There are still a few blogs on my list that are “empty”: the bloggers deleted their blog but WordPress won’t let me delete them from my list. Besides some of the ones I deleted were just not quite as interesting to me anymore.

I am thinking of changing up the look of my blog seems a bit boring to me. What do you think?

Today it’s 106 degrees in Death Valley and 92 degrees in Beatty.