While most of the country seems to be in limbo, because of the virus, I started back to work this week. I am only guaranteed 7 weeks of work. After that it will depend on what the government is doing about reopening national parks.

I live in Nevada now but work in California. I ride into work with a co-worker. So far at least this week, we have different days off. So tomorrow I will ride in with her, but I will be spending the night there at Stovepipe. She has Friday and Saturday off and the only way I could get to work was to stay in my old room on property. I will ride back to Beatty with her after work on Sunday. So 3 nights in Death Valley and 4 nights in Beatty.

Only about 2 dozen employees (or less) were called back for this 7 week period. When some of the others heard about it, they were upset or disappointed that they didn’t get to return. I met up with one of our dishwashers in the dollar store last night who was upset about living in limbo. It was the first time that I had seen him in Beatty since I moved here. He rented a room at a local inn. Apparently he says it’s real nice with cable television, wifi and a laundry room. He says he only pays $100 more a month then I do.

Now he got me thinking..hmm, could I afford an extra $100 a month for rent? Would I really want to pack again to move a few blocks away? I like living in Beatty but have some issues with the room that I am in right now.

I walked passed those flowering trees on my way to the dollar store yesterday. (Sorry but my phone won’t upload the picture) I went up to the store to get snacks that I would want for my time at Stovepipe. The store in Death Valley doesn’t have pork rinds or jello desserts or most items that I would want to snack on. So this will work out great. I can go be in Beatty for 4 days to check mail and buy things that I can’t get while I am in Death Valley. Sounds almost like the best of both worlds.

At the moment it’s 90 degrees in Beatty, and I just barely turned the a/C on in my room. It’s hotter in Death Valley but luckily the A/C works better there. I am only packing 1 small bag to bring with me for clothes, snacks, the yarn that I am using to crochet a scarf with and of course my tablets. Oh yeah I better grab my shampoo to throw into the bag. If I forget something then this will be my learning weekend to figure out what I will need for the other weekends.