I am here for the weekend. I couldn’t stay in my old room, because the maintenance crew are getting ready to paint all the rooms in that building. So I got put into the hotel. Which means that I got to watch television at 4am. My only complaint this morning was the shower didn’t work as good as it should.

My schedule for this month is noon-8pm. Today I got so interested in watching “Tiny House Hunters” on television that I almost lost track of time, but still made it to work before noon. I really liked some of the tiny homes on today’s shows. But some of them really needed more storage space. Tiny homes can be great as long as you have enough storage space for everything that you want to own. Otherwise they can be cramped and cluttered. Actually any home can be without proper storage space can feel that way.

I will probably never save enough money to buy my own house, but I like watching shows like Tiny House Hunters, Love it or List it, Property Brothers, and a few others. It’s interesting to see how other people decorate homes or solve a storage space problem in a home. Yes I know that it would be easier if we all didn’t have a habit of collecting so much stuff.

Well even though work has been super slow this week, I am really sleepy now. Surprised how tired that I can get, just standing around doing nothing waiting for customers to walk in. I would be surprised if the store had 50 customers all day.