This morning before work, I am watching a show “Hoarding: Buried Alive”. Twin sisters have lived in the same house for 50 years. 50 years worth of clothes, books, and piles of food. The city they live in has given them a short deadline to clean out the house or get evicted. Even though they could face eviction, one sister still has a hard time throwing stuff out. When a biohazard team member falls through a floor in the house, that was the final straw that condemns the home. But one sister still wanted to save some old furniture..dressers, table and whatever.

I can sometimes have a habit of buying and collecting to much stuff, but I have not gotten as bad as the show today. So I just don’t understand people on any hoarding show. No matter how much stuff I ever buy, I can bring myself to throw it away when it’s time to move on.


Well today at work, I found out that the coworker I ride to work with will be gone for 2 weeks to go see her grandmother. Her grandmother will be having surgery soon. So I am not sure if the general manager will let me stay in the hotel during that whole 2 week period. I will be so glad when life gets back to normal and the company gets the shuttle going again.