I am not as tech-savvy as some people. I have no idea what’s going on with my phone recently but it won’t let me upload pictures to WordPress. I was able to send them to my email and tomorrow I will take a walk so my tablet can get wifi and then I can edit my blog…or write the blog that I really wanted to post tonight.

I don’t understand why I can post pictures onto Facebook and Instagram but not here. I wish my brain understood computer technology better. Maybe I should go find a neighborhood kid explain it to me.. except I don’t know any. But why does it seem like kids understand computers and technology better than I do?

Did you ever feel like you’re the only person who doesn’t know how to do something? Feels like my brain is missing a big chunk where certain info goes and no matter what I do, it just never makes sense.

It’s almost midnight so I guess I will just go read until I fall asleep. I have tomorrow off from work so I have all day to try and figure it out.