Yes I am up early on my day off. If you are like me and you know that it takes a while to get the gears in your head moving in the morning , then set the alarm and get up earlier. Luckily so far I still don’t need alarms. Waking up before 5am is still natural for me.

What are you all doing today? I assume that some of you are still social distancing. So how do you spend your time? Did you start a new cleaning or craft project? It seems like everyone on Facebook has a new goal of decluttering their house, making some type of craft, cooking new recipes, or starting a garden. Whatever you are doing I hope you are enjoying your time.

I had planned on walking to the post office today, but I couldn’t find the paperwork that I needed to mail out. So I tore my room apart to find it. By the time I found what I needed it was to hot to go for a walk. I guess it’s time to declutter some more.

Starting tomorrow, I will be in Death Valley for about 16 days. So I don’t think I will get to much decluttering done in just one day. But I am getting a start on it. That’s all I can do for now. Even though I only live in one small room, it’s still to overwhelming to try and do it all in one day.

Today I went through a box of books that I brought with me when I moved to Beatty. Mostly I read books on my tablet but I still had enough books and magazines to fill a cardboard box. I gave some books to my elderly neighbor and then slid the box under my bed. I saved out the health and yoga magazines to store under the nightstand, where they will be easier to access.

The books that I kept, I have had for about a year and I haven’t read many of them.. skimmed through a few, maybe started reading a few pages. Books were always something I went to whenever I stopped at a yard sale or thrift shop. But now it’s just easier to collect books on my tablet. My tablet is easier to carry around when I move also.

Well I need to finish packing up items that I want to take with me for the 16 days. Clothes, bathroom supplies, snacks, sudoku puzzle book, and yarn. Trying to fit all that in one small suitcase and one bag is a challenge. Maybe I won’t take the yarn and will only bring very limited amount of clothes. I don’t want to drag to much stuff around.