Years ago my oldest daughter told me that I make more lists than anyone she knew. Well dear daughter, if you are reading this, I still make long crazy lists. Sometimes the simplest chore can seem so overwhelming that I have to make a step-by-step list of things to do for each chore.

For example: Bed* #1 clean off the bed (because I always have to much stuff scattered around on the bed), #2 put blanket/comforter away in closet, #3 sweep under bed, #4 put yarn and books under bed, #5 make the bed #6 clean off nightstand, #7 take out the trash

There have been times that I have written on my lists an estimate of time that it should take to do each item. Usually in increments of 5 cleaning off the bed would be 5-10 minutes depending on what’s there and make the bed is 10 minutes. If I put mop the floor then that might be 15 minutes.

So if the chore *Bed* takes less than an hour and I know this from experience, why am I still laying on a messy bed? Ok I got my list, I know what I need to do and my day will be better after it’s done. Now why can’t I get the energy or motivation to just do it??? Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in some rebellious mode waiting for a strict parent to walk in screaming demands, telling me to clean up my messy room. As awful as that would be, I also know that a strict screaming parent could actually get my butt into gear. But there is no telling what I would be thinking while I got into gear. So why can’t I just kick my own butt into gear without a crazy person screaming at me?

After being gone from home for 2 weeks, it would be nice to walk back into my room to see a made up bed and cleaned off nightstand. A place that I can relax after being gone for so long. It sure won’t get organized by snapping my fingers and wishing for it.