Did you ever have to decide on 2 different opposite things? You want it all but you also want none of it… you want to lose weight but you also want to eat junk food every day… you want a bare minimalist living space but you are also a shop-a-holic who keeps buying stuff. Why can’t you snap your fingers and have both just the way that you want them?

I am tired of having duplicate amounts of items and then running out of space to put them. So then why do I have duplicates.. because they were probably on sale, or I got them “just in case I need it later” and can’t get to Walmart and buy it later. Remember Walmart is still an hour away and I still don’t have a working vehicle.

I still can’t upload pictures from my camera, but my room is only 9.5 feet X 12 or 13 feet (less than 120 square feet) So if you have any room in your home that size, just imagine ALL your belongings in that room. That one room will be your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and living room. All your stuff from those 4 rooms has to fit into my 1 room, without shelves or cupboards.

I just have to stop trying to fit 4 rooms into 1. I used to tell my kids that you can’t put a gallon of milk into a quart container (without making a mess). That made sense years ago and I need to listen to my own logic. I need to downsize my stuff to fit my present space.

I had thought of buying more shelf units or baskets to store stuff. But it just seems like extra drawers, shelves, baskets or cupboards are all clutter collectors. At least they are for me. It’s like “oh look, I got more space to put stuff. I better go buy stuff to put there”. Then when you are tired after work you empty your purse or pockets into a junk drawer because you are to tired to deal with it. Then that junk drawer gets so crammed full of stuff that it won’t shut. Time to empty out the drawer and put stuff where it really belongs so you can find it when you need it.

No matter how pretty or useful something is, if I can’t store it properly or just don’t want to deal with it after using it then it isn’t worth having. Even if I got it as a gift or from the clearance shelf at a Walmart, it isn’t worth the price.