That’s all the clothes that I brought with me for my 16 days in Death Valley. Actually my pajamas, underwear and socks are still inside the small black suitcase. The grey leggings and sleeveless blue shirt is for my days off work.1 pair of shorts2 pair of cargo capris1 pair of black polyester pants1 pair of sweatpants that I was wearing when I took picture.6 t-shirts counting the one I was wearing.I have access to laundry here..and the dryers work better than the ones in Beatty and laundry is free here for employees that live on property. So while I am staying here over 2 weeks I will be taking advantage of it.Right now I am waiting for breakfast. Since I returned to work, breakfast has been in to-go containers. I have to wait another 35 minutes to go receive my boxed up breakfast. So while waiting I am having coffee and corn chips.Not even 8:30am and my tablet is already overheating.