Yes, I am late…fell asleep soon after I got out of work and didn’t finish this post in time.

Unfortunately my mother isn’t here..she died unexpectedly in December 2011. So technically I don’t have a mother to say ☆happy mother’s day☆ to.

But I hope the rest of you mom’s got to enjoy your day. I had a mom come into the store yesterday wearing a big button that said “Mom’s Off Duty” she said that her kids gave it to her when they brought her breakfast. So I am assuming that she didn’t have to cook that morning.

I don’t remember all the gifts over the years from my children, but a few from my oldest son always stick in my memory. Years ago when we lived in Arizona, my son grabbed his younger sister and they walked to the local nursery without me realizing that they were even gone. They came back pulling a little red wagon with a willow tree and a beautiful red rose bush.