All of our employee meals are now in take-out containers. These were 2 of the dinners that are on my tablet..I have pictures of other meals on my phone. The chicken parmesan this week was good but I didn’t take a picture of that.

We are not allowed to sit and eat in the employee dining room anymore because of the coronavirus and social distancing. So I usually bring my meals back to the dorm room and sit on my bed to eat.

Today for lunch we have sloppy Joe’s on the menu. I didn’t sign up for lunch today, so I will just have the snacks that I brought with me from Beatty. I will hate stepping onto my scales again once I get back to Beatty.

I have about 3 hours until I can go get breakfast. So I think that I will try to go back to sleep for awhile. Today is my day off, so I have no reason to be awake so early.