The sun begins its golden rise.
Shadows show before my eyes.
Range of mountains now in view
Look purple hazed and crumpled too.

Somehow I overslept and missed the earthquake that hit just North of me this morning at 4am. While waiting for breakfast, I asked my neighbor about it and he said he felt the shaking. I had only known about it because coworkers were posting about it on Facebook. In case you missed it..Google the 6.4 earthquake centered around Tonopah Nevada, for today’s news.

As I said, I got up late..around 5:30 and had coffee soon after. Got oatmeal for breakfast about 7:20. Now sitting outside to type this post. Wifi works better outside the room I am temporarily staying in. The sun is shining but not scorching hot yet. According to my tablet it’s only 79 degrees outside now but will be 100 degrees by the time I go to work.

Now if these houseflies and horseflies would just disappear, it would be a perfect morning. I don’t remember them being so vicious last year but right now they are annoying pests.

As soon as I hit the publish button, I will go back inside for a hot shower, then make my bed and then relax with sudoku puzzles until it’s time to go into work.