I am so glad that Kaylei is finally back and I could go home to Beatty after work Tuesday night. We were slow..with only half the transactions as the night before. The most interesting thing to happen at work on Tuesday night, was when a highway patrol car pulled in and parked in a no parking area. Then the law officer proceeded to strut into the store without a mask. OMG, I didn’t realize that cracker Jacks gave out uniforms as prizes now or that I would need to explain the law to a law officer.

Anyway in Beatty, I noticed that the temperature was not as hot and the tree in my yard is covered in pink flowers. My neighbors were glad to see me again. They weren’t sure what had happened to me.

Are you wondering yet about what all that has to do with a new job? I mean, that is the title of this post.

Ok,ok…my phone works fine in Beatty and I was finally able to talk to the lady that I had mentioned before in an earlier blog post. The lady runs a small country store on Tilghman Island in Maryland. It’s in the Chesapeake Bay. So yes, that is where my next job is. It will only be until the end of October.

So for this summer I will be trading in the hot 120s-130s temps for a mild 70s-80s temperatures. Actually after being in Death Valley for the last 2 years I will probably whine about 70-80 degrees being to cold. I will be trading sand dunes for boat harbors. It’s a seasonal job, to last until Halloween. After that I could return to Death Valley if I want or go onto another adventure somewhere new.