I had told my boss about the new job that I had applied to and even told the cooperate lady that is temporarily in the HR office that I was leaving. Yesterday I had to fill out the official paperwork stating that I was leaving and last day of work in Death Valley will be June 11th.

I tried to buy my plane ticket with my phone, but the screen is to small to see all the information that I needed, so while business was slow tonight at work, I bought my ticket from the computer at work. I fly out early Monday morning on June 15th.

A friend had me check out frontier airlines because they have some really cheap tickets. But I didn’t like their schedules and I wanted a non-stop flight which they didn’t have. So I went with another airline that cost about $100 more but it’s a non-stop flight like I wanted, with a better arrival time. Now I just have to secure a ride to the airport.

I have started giving stuff away, because I have way to much stuff to take with me. I ended up getting tomorrow off..well actually it’s Kaylei’s day off and seeing as she is my ride to work that means I am also taking the day off. It will be my first “sick day” since I started working here almost 2 years ago. So tomorrow I really have to do some major Spring cleaning.