This post is just for me. I need to start keeping track of some stuff.

Yesterday I noticed that my left ankle looked a bit swollen.. bigger than my right ankle. Sure enough, I got my tape measure out this morning and my left ankle is 1.5 inches bigger than my right ankle.

So far today, it’s not hurting to walk on my feet… actually my right foot always hurts at the end of a work shift. I usually take Aleve before I head into work. If I remember to bring them with me then I will take more during my dinner break.

I am used to aches and pains, and taking lots of Aleve or advil every week, but the swollen ankle is a concern because it could be something related to a blood clot. My mother unexpectedly died from a blood clot in 2011.

I have noticed for about a year, that most women’s socks cut off my circulation and leave a indentation around both my ankles for about 30-60 minutes after I take my socks off at the end of the day. If I buy women’s socks now, I can only wear the little short ankle socks… anything else that is made to go up passed the ankle is to tight. I even tried buying men’s socks… thinking that men have bigger feet/calves so their socks would not hurt.

Today I also woke up with a sore hip and lower back…on my left side. My left side of my body doesn’t like me this week. I can’t sleep on my left side so I know I wasn’t sleeping wrong. Oh well, hopefully it will all fix itself… because I have to much to do.