I have seen a few ads pop up online about making money online with shopify and drop shipping…and believe me, I am so new to this that I had no idea what drop shipping even was until this last weekend.

So if you have any experience with Oberlo, Shopify, AliExpress, MegaGoods, and Wholesale Central… PLEASE send me some tips on how to make it all really work. I need beginners tips, something easy enough with step-by-step instructions that a 2-year old could understand it and apply it to get a new business started.

One of my friends that I still keep in contact with from my time in Georgia, said he would rather become an affiliate marketer instead of doing drop shipping. But I don’t really understand everything needed for this either.

I am also searching for new “print-on-demand” sites. I have tried zazzle in the past and had very poor financial success with it. Hoping for better results with a new site.

My next seasonal job ends around Halloween, so I am hoping to have an online business in place by the time I leave Chesapeake Bay. I realize that I have wanted to somehow work online while being able to travel for a long time. No matter how much I want something, I still have not been able to figure out how to really do it. I need some REAL help!

Since leaving my job at Death Valley, I know that I don’t want to go back to some big cooperate-run business again (unless absolutely necessary). I am thinking that drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, and even print-on-demand will give me the flexibility and freedom to work when and wherever I want.