A few days ago, one of my readers made a comment about how she hopes that I find my “forever home”. No I ain’t adopting a pet or a child. But let me try to explain why I don’t see a forever home in my future.

Years ago my ex-husband and I started to buy a house that had been in his family for a few generations. At the time I thought it was where I would settle down and grow old. A couple years later I walked out and gave up on that house.

Over the years I have lived in many houses in about a dozen different states. I have a friend in Tennessee who let me crash on his sofa for a month in 2006, and who can never understand why I don’t just settle down and stay in one spot.

I’m sure my lifestyle is a little odd to most people. I assume most of us were taught in one way or another, that moving as much as I do wasn’t normal. I think between 2006-2007, I moved 8 times within a 12- month span. Thats 8 moves to 5 different states. I don’t claim to be normal.

About 7-8 years ago, I got interested in shows on HGTV. I loved seeing all the different styles of homes and hearing about how people fixed up their forever homes. I thought some of the houses looked fine before all the renovation work started, and couldn’t imagine paying big bucks to “fix” them up. Even now, I will still watch shows on that channel when I get the chance. My next roommate (when I move to the Chesapeake Bay next week) also likes a few shows on that channel..shows that I have not seen before. So I will continue watching people spend to much money on their dream home.

Over the years I have lived in 2-story houses, shared company-owned dorm rooms and in the present moment rent out my own 9 X 12 or 13′ room. My problem is that if I am living in a place long enough I start to feel settled and calling it home. Now what do most people do in their home? They start collecting stuff… kitchen appliances, wall decor, and whatever they think they need to fulfill their needs. I am no exception to that. I moved into my tiny room about 2.5 months ago after living in a larger room with a community kitchen, so I had lots of stuff that didn’t really fit in the present room. This stuff stayed in boxes stuck in the corner and under my bed.

Now as I prepare to move AGAIN, I have to decide what to do with it all. One thing about moving often is that it requires you to clear out unnecessary stuff. When you are flying across the country with only carry-on luggage, almost all of your belongings become unnecessary.

When I bought all these belongings, I was thinking that I would be settled and need them all. Obviously that way of thinking doesn’t last long for me. I have now come to the conclusion that if I stick with seasonal jobs instead of year-round jobs then I am hoping to not waste money on stuff that I don’t “need” and can’t fit into my little suitcase. OMG, as I throw stuff into the dumpster or leave on neighbors doorstep.. I start thinking “oh if I had the money now that I had spent on that item”. I look at my last pay stub and notice the amount it says I earned so far this year and wonder “where did it all go”? Oh yeah, it just went into the dumpster.

Some of you might be thinking…stop moving. I like seeing new places, meeting new people and being able to do different jobs. I just hate packing! But I also hate staying put with the clutter that always seems to happen when I feel settled. Clutter that I personally have no motivation or desire to take care of. Clutter causes me so much stress in so many ways. Being settled brings out some kind of hoarding gene that doesn’t go away. The only way that I have ever been able to stop that hoarding gene is to just not get settled…period!

So my next adventure is only for 4.5 months. Just long enough that I won’t feel like collecting anything. I will have to buy a couple pairs of pants for work because my suitcase is to small for clothes along with all the camera stuff that I am traveling with. Good thing that this country has no shortage on clothes anywhere you travel to.

So anyway, forever homes == clutter and money wasted on unnecessary renovating.

Living at seasonal jobs== less clutter, hopefully save money because you buy less stuff, easier to travel at a moment’s notice.

Ok I leave in 3 days…time to get off my phone and take more stuff out to the dumpster.