After a long night in the Las Vegas airport (I read on Google news that some people want to change that airport name because they don’t like the guy it’s named after. I finally arrived in Maryland on Monday, the 15th.

My new roommate picked me up and we went to Chili’s for dinner. Even after spending a whole night in an airport I wasn’t all that hungry. I got a quesadilla explosion salad and we split an order of fried pickles. First time that I ever tried fried pickles.

Roommate with fire pit, last night

I have today off from work and decided to walk to the post office, 10 minutes away. Even though it was only 82 degrees, I had sweat pouring down my face by the time I got back home. Course I had to take a few pictures of the neighborhood while I walked.

Only 1 person allowed into the office at a time, so while I waited I found a book to read in the free library. I was hoping to find Patricia Cornwall, but I settled for a Fern Michaels book instead. I will read exchange the book next week on my day off.