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If you are wondering what a smashburger is….it’s the juiciest burger I ever had. Not exactly sure how they come out so juicy every single time, but this place has the best burger ever.

Most of the employees and the local community that shops here are fun. But the job is NOT. Its the hardest cashier job that I ever had. I have done cashier jobs in the past so its not like I am unexperienced. I am just not able to be a deli worker, runner for kitchen, stock boy, or secretary (answering phone orders) all at the same time.

My boss knew I couldn’t handle this job and yesterday was my last day. I made flight plans to visit a couple friends and old coworkers in Phoenix for the 4th of July weekend. Then about half an hour ago, my old manager {from 2017/2018} called me up to see if I wanted an old job back. Wow, what timing!!! I really enjoyed that store and LOVED working for that manager…enough so that I used to call him Pops. Well I called him that again tonight when he called too.

I won’t be able to start the job for a little while…Pops is going to see if he can get me in by July 13th. So I will just have to hang out a bit longer than expected in Phoenix. But I am excited!