After my big move across the country last month, I now only own 4 pair of pants…not counting the pajama pants that I was wearing when I took this picture. If I officially get the job that I was called about a couple days ago then I will buy a couple more pair of pants just for work. 2 of those pants I ordered online and had mailed to me when I first arrived in Maryland and now I am having trouble fitting them into my suitcase.

6 shirts total: I am wearing a dark blue Tilghman Island t-shirt, obviously it isn’t in the picture. I will probably wear the purple lightweight hoodie to the airport tomorrow just so I don’t have to pack it in my suitcase. But that’s my major supply of clothes at the moment…I don’t see any reason to take a picture of my one set of PJ’s or my socks and underwear. So yes, that is all the clothes I own today: 4 pair of pants and 6 shirts.

Now how many clothes do you have in your possession? How many times a week do you have to do laundry? All my clothes can basically fit into a washer all at the same time.

How many of you have a walk-in closet full of clothes, BUT still have nothing to wear?

Later in the year, I will have to buy a sweater and coat. Right now I do have one long sleeve purple hoodie but it’s thin like my t-shirts. So it definitely won’t keep me warm when Winter rolls around.