My trip started Maryland. I arrived a few hours early at the Baltimore airport. Security at Baltimore was the easiest and fastest to get through. And I have been through plenty of airport security and this airport is my favorite.

Baltimore did something a little different. They started boarding people with seats in the back of the plane first. My seat was in the first row in the front of the plane so I was one of the last to board.

But if anyone has ever had to carry luggage onto a plane and walk passed rows filled up with people. Then you know how annoying it can be to try and get through without bumping shoulders of people already seated. By boarding from the back of the plane first it eliminates all of that.

I had a 5.5 hour wait in Denver. I rarely go through this airport because it hasn’t been my favorite for years. This trip reminded me why. After sitting at my gate for a couple hours, they announced that my gate was changed. So I had to walk down another hallway to find my new gate. The only good thing about the Denver airport was that a few restaurants were open. I got something to eat from “Panda Express”.

I like watching people around airports. In the picture above, I was surprised to see a woman sitting with her luggage. I couldn’t figure out why she had hands sticking out of her bag. They looked like something you would have for Halloween.

Anyway for my flight from Denver I got stuck in a middle seat on a packed airplane. No social distance on this flight. My flight was late taking off because of some weight and balance issue… really you pack a plane and wonder why there is a weight problem.

I finally arrived in Phoenix after midnight and spent the night in the airport. I had wanted to meet a friend for coffee later. But I was having a hard time finding a place to stay in Phoenix and I was unwilling to drag my luggage all over the city. I never like dragging luggage around.

So I ended up getting a room in Flagstaff for a week. Which meant taking the greyhound bus up north. Sitting in the bus station for hours, I met a couple nice helpful people and also a couple crazy people that were good for entertainment. OMG, I wouldn’t want a job as a security guard at that bus station.

*EDIT* actually this summer adventure started last month when I flew out of Vegas…which would make it 4 airports not 3.