The hotel I got for a week is nothing fancy, but it serves it’s purpose. I always forget that rooms are hard to find on a holiday weekend.

I arrived at the hotel after midnight and woke up the owner to get my room. Because of the virus I wasn’t allowed into the lobby of the office. The owner had a little window he used to pass paperwork and keys through.

One disappointment in this room is that there is no coffee pot. There is a microwave in the room so last night I walked down to the local gas station to buy a tiny jar of instant coffee and a new coffee mug.

I would have liked to have a mug from Maryland, but didn’t have space for one in my luggage. Even if I had space for one, I wasn’t sure if a mug would have made the trip in one piece.

All the public transportation buses are free to ride. I was told that they have been free for a couple weeks now. My hotel room isn’t far from 2 bus stops. There is a few places I will go tomorrow.

Today is Sunday, so I will be staying in my room. I am checking sites for the businesses that I want to go see tomorrow while flipping through channels on television. I stopped at an episode of hoarders.

I am thinking that watching “Hoarders” is reinforcing a reminder of what I don’t want to be like. Even though I can have tendencies to collect to much stuff at times, I never want to be like the people that are shown on this show.

Actually I am in Flagstaff, Arizona, waiting to hear back from my next job. It will be a return to a past job, working in the general store in Tusayan. It’s the little community outside of the Grand Canyon National Park. I had left that job at the end of May 2018, and my luckily old boss is still the manager there.

From working there before, I am familiar with the employee housing. I am hoping that because of the covid-19 epidemic that I won’t have as many housemates to live with this time.

I have now changed the channel to watch “Love It or List it” on HGTV. There seems to be quite a few episodes of this show today. I enjoy this show more than Hoarders.

While looking for stuff in my suitcase today for bathroom supplies. I am thinking that there should be a show about luggage design or a how-to pack demonstration.

Without any special plans for today, I am leisurely waiting for the temperature to warm up before I jump in the shower.

I would like to start using bathroom products that are more natural and non-toxic. So if anyone reading this has experience with better products, please share your info with me.