I didn’t sleep all that good last night. I Got up this morning with a backache, so I ended up staying in my hotel room today.

For lunch I decided to order from a chinese restaurant, and have it delivered. I found the restaurant menu online and ordered 2 of my favorite meals; Curry Chicken & Moo Goo Gai Pan. The Curry Chicken looks a little different than it did when I used to make it many, many years ago.

This afternoon, I am watching one of my favorite shows on Food Network: CHOPPED. Today’s episode has a chocolate theme. Appetizers like creamy chocolate shrimp to a dessert using white chocolate, kumquats and beef jerky.

Another CHOPPED show follows, The appetizer round is using Marsh Snail Vinegar, scallops, galangal and croissant tacos,. Now I have never heard of that particular vinegar and the only way I have eaten scallops was deep-fried. I had never heard of “galangal” before and learned…its closely related to ginger and turmeric.

The next round on the show is using soft-shelled crab. Now after my short time in Maryland last month, I know that you eat the whole shell. So it was a bit surprising to see one of the contestants peel the shell off. At the end of that round the judges loved the dish of the crab without a shell. I was also glad that at the end of this show’s episode that contestant won.

Now you would think that as much as I post about food, that I was a cook by profession. But no, I only cook for myself. I’m not sure if I could handle cooking for other people every day.

Sure when I am feeling lazy I like to order food from Asian restaurants, but if I were to daydream for a moment; I would rather open up a restaurant that’s a little different..and a little healthier. Now if you could open up your own restaurant what type of food would you have on your menu?