I finally decided to hop on a the public bus to go downtown for breakfast. I am so glad that I did. I found a place that serves breakfast food all day, (well until 3pm) near the bus connection stop.

I was glad to see the potatoes were actual chunks of potato. I am not a fan of the bland-tasting shredded stuff that looks like broken up hash browns that so many other restaurants serve.

The cashier told me that this restaurant has been in Flagstaff for about 8 years. I have worked nearby at the Grand Canyon during that time, so I am not sure how I missed this restaurant. This week is the first time I have ever seen it. Today’s breakfast was good and I will go back later this week and try something different.

Whoever owns this restaurant really loves owls, because they are everywhere…and all the owl decor is for sale. If my daughter is reading this..guess where your next present is coming from.

There is seating inside, but I enjoyed my seat outside. I had wanted an inside table just so I could get pics of all the owls used as decor. But I was able to take pictures when I went inside to pay my bill.