After waiting around the hotel for the HR department to contact me with info about what to do next for my job, I decided to walk up the road to a used car lot.

Yes, I bought a car in Arizona with a Georgia license. Unknown to me, my debit card has a $2,000 daily limit. So I paid the $2,000 yesterday and then walked back up to pay the remaining $900 this morning. Yes they knocked the price down from what was advertised on the window. $2,900 was for car-title-registration-taxes-and all fees.

As I was driving towards the DMV, a big truck was blocking the road I needed to turn onto so I missed my turn. I also noticed that the check engine light was on. Oh great… problems already. Now I will have to go back to the place I bought the car and find out why.

But first I am having breakfast at Denny’s. I got my usual skillet breakfast. I haven’t been in a Denny’s for about 5 months.

It was still sizzling hot when the server brought it to my table. I think they cooked it a minute or two to long also.

The car is long enough for a short person like me to sleep in. I plan on leaving Flagstaff on Monday and camping out at some free camping spots right outside of Tusayan, which is right outside of the Grand Canyon National Park. If I have to practically sit on HR’s doorstep to get their butt into gear… I will.

I passed my background check a couple days ago, but haven’t heard anything from them since then. I don’t have patience for waiting around. Luckily I remember going camping with a friend a few years ago in the area, so I know where to park for the nights while I wait.

I realize half of the HR staff will still be working remotely in out-of-town locations. But they need to realize that when you ask future employees to sign paperwork for a background check…and they pass it. They should be ready for the next step. Yes I realize that because of the virus going around the world, that employee housing is a tricky issue. Well I just bought my own housing…and there are showers and a public laundry mat behind the store.