That photo above was taken a few days ago when I walked down to the gas station. I liked the flowers in front of the Howard Johnson.

Well this morning I drove to Auto Zone to find out what is keeping the “check engine light” on in my car. Because of the corona virus, the employee wasn’t allowed to go out to my car. But they handed me the gadget tool to take out to my car and test it myself. I was a little nervous as I had never done it myself. After following his instructions I was able to do it. I ended up with codes: p0420, p0456 and p0327. I don’t totally understand what the codes mean but he said something about the catalytic converter. The employee at Auto Zone told me to take it back to the car shop and see if they would do anything about it. Just my luck the used car lot is closed on weekends now because of the virus.

I now have to wait until Monday when they open at 10am. I had hoped to already be up to the Grand Canyon by then. I had to email the HR department and let them know that I would be late… actually I didn’t have a time set to show up, but I had hoped to leave Flagstaff at sunrise to avoid traffic.

Actually I am not sure what will have to be done with the car or what it will cost so I spent the rest of the day in my hotel room. I figured that if I didn’t go anywhere then I wouldn’t spend money that needs to go towards the car.

Someone in the hotel ordered pizza to be delivered. At first I thought that was a good idea until I remembered that most things I like on pizza make me feel terrible soon after I eat them. I seem to have a hard time this year with onions, mushroom, and bell peppers which is what I would want on a pizza.

I also need to stop putting those 3 ingredients in my eggs for breakfast, because it ends up ruining my day. I won’t go into lots of details but I will say that I can pass more gas then the Nascar pit crew.

Well maybe it’s time to end this post. So I will just go finish my Arizona ice tea and go watch silly sitcoms on television.