That pic is just a location that I usually stopped at when I lived in this area before. It’s about 25 minutes out of Flagstaff.

So I had taken the car to get checked out. That took almost an hour. The guys were certain that the car would make it to the Grand Canyon. Soon after the above picture was taken, the “check engine light” came on again. But the car was running good, so I tried not to worry to much.

You know how when you are tired and you start walking slower. Then the minute you realize that you are getting so close to your final destination.. you miraculously get a burst of energy to walk faster. Well today I was being a bit paranoid and not driving fast because I was keeping an eye on the gadges on the dashboard to make sure it wasn’t over-heating. But I got that same burst of energy while driving today. As I got closer to Tusayan I realized that my foot went down on the gas pedal. I was almost home and pretty confident that my car would make it there.

My room is actually the same bedroom that I had when I worked here before. Thanks to covid-19, I get the room to myself this time. I do have 2 other girls in the house though. One of the girls has only been here for a month and works in Starbucks. She said that she wants to leave and possibly move to Phoenix. Well I like having only 2 other girls in the house alot better then 7 girls that was here over 2 years ago.

Well by the time I arrived at the store I will be working in, the main manager was already gone for the day. The assistant didn’t know anything about my schedule so he told me to come in tomorrow morning to see the boss. The store is open 7am-7pm.

Hopefully someone around here has fans for sale because the house doesn’t have air conditioning. I forget to buy one when I was in Flagstaff. It was a miracle that I remembered to buy another mini-blender (magic bullet). I had given the last one to a friend when I left Beatty.

Now don’t get Tusayan and Tucson mixed up. Tucson is a big city down south of Phoenix, while Tusayan is a small community right outside of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.