I went in to the store soon after it opened yesterday, to touch base with the store manager (who I missed on Monday). While I was there I found something new to wear as a mask. After I was done looking around the store, I went into Starbucks to get a Java Chip, it’s been over a year since I had one of those.

Before I got into my house, I received a text message from my boss asking me if I wanted to work later that day. I wasn’t on the schedule to start until today (Wednesday) so I had to laugh because that message brought back memories of this same manager doing this before. Years ago when I checked my mail on a day off, he always called to ask if I wanted to work on my day off.

So I went in to work from 10am-3pm. A short day just to get used to the place again. Any time I didn’t know an answer to a customer’s question I liked giving the answer “sorry I just started working here this morning”. Customers had no idea that I had worked there before over 2 years ago. It was nice seeing a few people from the community that I actually recognized from years ago. You know you’re home when you recognize people and some take the time to ask where you have been.

When I got home Tina (one of my housemates) was doing her laundry. It was her day off. I went to my room and eventually fell asleep without any dinner, so now it’s about 4am and I am eating cheese and crackers with my coffee.

Seeing as Tina is Native American (never seen that tea before), I will assume that this was her stuff that I found in the kitchen this morning when I went to make coffee.

I am looking forward to getting to know Tina… I searched her name on Facebook and found her page. According to Facebook she grew up in the Grand Canyon area and graduated from school in the national park 5 years ago. Which means she is around my youngest kids age.