Took that picture as I was heading out to go to work yesterday. I wasn’t sure if we were going to get more rain or not… ended up not getting any. If I remember correctly, a customer said it rained a little inside the national park.

Last night was least chilly to me. After living in Death Valley for so long, anywhere would feel chilly. I woke up early this morning and the temperature was in the low-50s.

I only have one thin quilt on my bed (besides a sheet) to cover up with at night. There is a trading post down the street from where I work. Think I will check in there later today to see if they sell souvenir blankets. If not, then I will need to order blankets online.

That was a shot of the clouds from a couple nights ago when I got out of work. Even though this week has been chilly and rainy, I like seeing the pretty cloud display that awaits every night when I walk out of my store to go home.