When I usually think of stir-fry, I am thinking of Asian food. Yesterday after work I went to a Mexican restaurant to find out how they serve up a stir fry.

First I ordered a Pina Colada. Hey I was in a Mexican restaurant and that seemed like a natural drink to order. Besides I like those better than tequila. I could have done without the chips and salsa. I assumed that is the Mexican version of the bread basket that you get in some Americanized restaurants.

This meal was so good and luckily not spicy at all. The server asked if I wanted dessert after I finished my meal, but I was already stuffed. I don’t even want to know how many calories or carbs were in that meal. When I got home, I needed a nap after all that food.

I loved the colors and the artwork all over restaurant. It made it seem like a cheery-happy place. Made me wish I could have a take-out order of art for my room.