Seems like there are to many topics to write about tonight…geez, where do I start? My mind seems to be all over the place and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. To many things I want to start doing but not sure if I want to spend $$$ on any of them just yet.

Well we have an employee at my store that has been out for a week now and I have no idea when he will be back. Tomorrow was supposed to be my day off but the schedule got changed and I will be working from 1:30-7:30pm.

Today the Schwann’s food truck stopped into the store to bring the food I ordered. Even though it’s expensive I am excited about having fish and more frozen fruits to add into my protein shakes and my favorite broccoli with cheese sauce again.

I had planned on going to the pizza and pasta place after work to get chicken Alfredo.. but after that food truck came earlier than I expected (was expecting it Monday) and I didn’t need pasta anymore.

Someone in the area that I have known for many years is finally moving away….all the way to Washington. She listed an elliptical bike for sale on Facebook. I commented that if she would deliver it that I would buy it…so we will see.

Ooh, I got a new housemate this week. She works at Starbucks that’s connected to my store. She got the bedroom next to mine but I hardly ever see her. Well actually I see my other housemates at work more than I do at home. So now there are 4 girls in the house sharing the kitchen and laundry room. So far this week we haven’t had any problem sharing bathroom time. Tina is lucky because she is a supervisor, and she gets her own bathroom. So technically only 3 girls use the bathroom I have.

Earlier this week, my youngest daughter sent me a message with a link about joining dietbet. At first I was wondering what picture she was looking at to make her send that message, but it seems that she had just joined and wanted company. Well baby-girl, if you are reading this just know that I wish you luck. Hopefully you will do better than I did. You see, no matter how self-conscious or paranoid I get about some random “out-of-blue” message from one of my children. To be honest, they would be right…I really do need to lose weight. Actually I need to order a new bathroom scale because I left my last scales in Nevada when I moved last month. Maybe if she joins another team in the Fall, I might join her then.

Last sunset for July 2020

B•E• Y•O•U•R•S•E•L•F

(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) 😀 ¯\(◉‿◉)/¯

B = Be yourself

E = Escape into nature

Y = Yuck it up! Laugh

O = Offer a helping hand

U = Use humor daily

R = Relax by nurturing yourself

S = Simplify your life

E = Engage with others

L = Listen more, talk less

F = Face your fears

I have been skimming through other people’s pages on “sparkpeople” and found that ^be Yourself^ on a page and didn’t want to forget it.