Can you guess what the #1 and #2 causes of death are? Hmm, and what are we required to do to prevent those? Maybe that should be for another post on another day. 😀

It’s been about 6 months now, since most of us had to deal with this new pandemic. I am sure that everyone reading this will not have the same opinion on the seriousness of the disease or on how to deal with it. But if you go out in public, then you will have to deal with it in some way.

That link should tell you what is open and closed (as of today) at the national park, if anyone wants to spend vacation time here. Even though the information is available online, we still see plenty of people in my store that obviously never look to see what’s available. They come in asking a bunch of different questions because they refuse to find things out before they get here.

Now if you were looking at a map of Arizona counties, the Grand Canyon National Park is in Coconino County. There have been 117 covid deaths so far in this county. For the entire state of Arizona, the number of deaths is 3,747… according to one site that I was reading this morning.

I am in my 50’s so I can remember my mother telling me and my brothers to go outside and play in the dirt. Supposedly getting dirty was good for kids. Yes we were exposed to lots of germs while we buried each other in sand or created new recipes for mud pies. But I still believe that all that dirt strengthened our immune system.

Recently people are stocking up on hand sanitizer, to clean germs away. Personally I have never been a fan of using hand sanitizer and I ain’t starting now. “Our fear of germs has pushed us too far into trying to keep everything safe and sterile. That extreme is harming us more than it’s helping us.” I’m not against good hygiene I just think society has gone overboard. I like having long fingernails and the easiest way for me to clean them is by washing my hair. But I don’t wash my hair a dozen times a day…hell I don’t wash it once every day.

Now at work, I will spray some toxic chemical cleaner around my register a couple times during a work shift. I mainly do it because managers are required to have us do extra cleaning because of the pandemic. Mostly I do it as just something to do if there’s no customer to wait on. I am not sure why it’s “extra” cleaning… isn’t it part of the normal duties of making sure our work station is clean? I guess before everyone started panicking about this virus, people didn’t care about how clean a store was. I know that I have had some impatient customers walk up to my register just as I spray cleaner everywhere and they had to wait while I wiped it off.

Well it’s about time to jump in the shower and wash my hair. So I can make sure that I am all clean for work later today.