As a woman, it feels quite normal to tell someone else that I love their jewelry or their shoes or whatever they are wearing. Now-a-days I get to see everyone’s face mask, and some people coming into my store have some pretty cute masks.

If we have to wear a mask, then we might as well have some fun with them. I have been searching Amazon and Etsy for masks to wear around the Halloween season. This year I am pretty sure that it will be acceptable to wear a Halloween mask to work for the whole month of October.

There is no reason to wear plain boring black masks. I have seen customers come into the store with comical animal faces and quite a few with political quotes on them.

I really don’t care if your political face mask has something that I disagree with written on it. I am just glad that you are following the rule posted on the door of my store. B-U-T the people who refuse to wear them and claim that they are medically unable to….drive me up they friggin wall.

I had a lady thank me for being so understanding about her medical issue. First, I had no idea what her medical issue was because some law says that she doesn’t have to tell us. Second, the ONLY thing I understand is that I want to keep my job. Because believe me, if I was in charge of the store then the policy would be ” no mask, no entry” PERIOD! Customers would not have a different rule then the employees. If an employee has to wear a mask for 6-8 hours a day, then a customer can wear one for 15 minutes. If their health is that bad that they can’t then maybe they should stay home.

I am NOT saying that a mask is necessary for anyone’s health. What I am saying is that if a sign is posted on the doors stating that everyone wear a mask…then EVERYONE should wear one. One rule for everyone. If you don’t like the rule then don’t walk through the door.

If you had a “no smoking” rule in your home would you want someone to walk in and light up a cigarette? Probably not…your house your rules. Well a business is sorta the same. I will call it the manager’s second home seeing as they are there so much. I even had a customer sputter about having to wear a mask and then tell at her kid for acting up in the store. She actually looked at me as if I was going to be sympathetic towards whatever the kid was putting her through. I just shrugged my shoulder and said “I guess he doesn’t like rules either”, and then walked away. In my opinion there wasn’t to much difference in the kids attitude and the adult.