I finally learned to really appreciate drinking water while I was living in Death Valley. I probably still don’t drink as much water as I should but I consume lots more than I did before I ever went to that hot desert.

Now I don’t have an ice cube tray, but frozen strawberries are good in plain water. While I was at Death Valley, I used to slice up lemons to put in my water bottle to bring into work.

Alot of people don’t like tap water…either they don’t like the taste or they claim it isn’t good for you. I think I have only lived in 2 locations in my entire life where the tap water tasted to awful to drink.

Growing up poor, I never would have dreamed of paying for water. With a well or a Brook nearby free water was just a natural thing in life. It wasn’t until I moved to Northern Arizona in the late 80s that I ever had to pay a water bill. When my oldest son heard that we had to pay a deposit for water to even get it turned on, he was shocked..”What do you mean that we have to pay for water?”

Some customers come into my store looking for a specific brand in gallon jugs and are disappointed because we only carry one brand in that size. The gallon jug cost $2.89 but some people would rather pay about $4.00 for a small bottle because they claim it’s better. Now imagine their bill if everyone in their family all at wanted bottled water. The person who invented the “smart water” company might have been brilliant, but I am not so sure about the people who actually buy it.

I never even heard of this brand of water until I came back to work at my present job. It’s one of our more expensive waters.

Personally I hate any kind of tonic water or seltzer water. I guess after growing up drinking water out or the kitchen sink or some water hose outside that any carbonated water is just not my thing.

But I have been reading online about quinine being in tonic water. Now why is that important now? Tonic water was first used as medicine for malaria and leg cramps. It’s somehow connected to hydroxy chloroquine.. the medication that has been in the news lately in different covid-19 stories.

I ain’t no doctor. I have worked in a hospital and a few nursing homes, but I don’t claim to be any expert on quinine. I just know that I hate the taste of tonic water.