I had a late lunch of frozen breaded fish and some broccoli with cheese, while I watched “Guy’s Grocery Game” on foodnetwork. Yesterday it was a vegetarian show. First time I had seen that. Ok, so my lunch was more pescatarian than vegetarian. I don’t normally eat fish in melted cheese but when you only own 1 bowl , it worked out just fine.

I wish they had more vegetarian shows on foodnetwork. I was surprised to learn that Guy eats mostly a plant-based diet when he isn’t filming one of his shows. The grocery game show is only on Wednesday and Saturday in my area. So I might watch it again before I go into work on Saturday.

Anyways, I got the fish and the broccoli from Schwan’s Food Truck. Their broccoli is my favorite veggie. It’s a company that’s been around for years. It actually started in 1952. My dad used to order food from them when I was in junior high and high school. They came to the house every other week, and we always got excited when they stopped by. Overtime my dad probably tried every flavor that they had in ice cream. He used to say that I was the pickiest kid he ever knew because there were many flavors that I just did not like.

And unfortunately they no longer have the haddock squares with cheese that I loved all those years ago. I have been thinking of trying to eat more of a low-carb pescatarian diet and Schwan’s has just enough veggies and fish to satisfy me. I already put in my order for roasted sweet potatoes, fire roasted vegetables and multigrain orzo quinoa with vegetable blend. They also have crab cakes but I have not tried them yet…but I will. Even though I already put my order in, I am thinking of changing it. I am thinking that I should cancel the ice cream sandwiches and get more broccoli because I finished the package that I had.

Getting food delivered from Schwan’s is definitely cheaper than the “Hello Fresh” company that I tried before. https://yoyoliving.com/2019/12/14/hellofresh-creamy-chive-salmon/ and you get more food in every package with Schwan’s. For the price I paid for only 3 meals from Hello fresh, I got a variety of things from Schwan’s to last all week.

I also found out today that members of AARP get discounts from Schwan’s. Now I have gotten a few emails asking if I wanted to join AARP, but I always delete them. Hmm, maybe I should re-think joining that group.

Seeing as I am still trying to lose weight, I have come up with an idea for “Slimming Down with Schwan’s”. Hey if Subway, McDonald’s, or any other fast food place can have a spokesperson to promote their food then I should be able to promote a company that I actually believe can be good for your health. If you need to follow any of the low-carb diets, or a vegetarian, or gluten free diet then you will be able to find yummy food with Schwan’s.

This morning on the Food Network channel is “Chopped” and “BBQ Pit masters”. I wasn’t in the mood to watch either of those. Which is why I ended up blogging instead.