I only watched one episode of this show today. It had a theme called “Express Lane”. The first round was to make a chicken dish with 8 items. The second round was to make a comfort dish from the cook’s region with 7 items. The winner of today’s show made Shepard Pie for this round. The final round was to make a late night guilty pleasure with 6 ingredients. I was a little disappointed that a pan-fried Fluffernutter won a contest on a television show. This was a new variation of the sandwich from what I was used to but still it’s a FLUFFERNUTTER!

Now don’t start thinking that I hate the sandwich. I grew up in New England and the Fluffernutter was invented in Massachusetts. So I ate them often as a kid. I still love peanut butter as an adult. I don’t eat the marshmallow fluff very often.

The Fluffernutter sandwich won against a Canadian recipe called “Poutine”. I had no idea what Poutine was, so I had to look it up online. Supposedly it’s been a Canadian favorite since the 50’s. I have never been a fan of Brown gravy, so if I ever get to eat in Canada, I will skip it.

Now usually I like watching Guy’s shows because I learn something new or get ideas on how to use different spices. I recently ordered some spices from Amazon. My order got to a post office in Flagstaff (about 90 miles away) and they returned my order to Amazon saying that my address did not exist.

For whatever reason, Amazon wouldn’t let my order be delivered to a post office box here in town, so I used the physical address of my house. But nobody in town gets mail at home. We all have to use a post office box. Which is probably why no big office in Flagstaff recognized my physical address. I used this same address for an order that is supposed to be delivered on Wednesday also. I will assume that will also be returned.

Maybe the universe is telling me that I don’t need Amazon. Maybe I need a new company to shop at, because I really need spices and cooking pans.