Today is my day off and I finally decided to see if my car could make it into the park without breaking down… luckily it did just fine.

A little hard to miss those signs on the door.

Random shot from near the customer service desk.. looking towards the retail side of the store.

What in the world is up with these prices for tuna fish. No way am I paying that.

The southwest bean burger has green chilies in it, so I skipped that one. I did buy the hemp & greens burger though.

Maybe because I went shopping as soon as the store opened, but there wasn’t to many people inside this morning. I was surprised to see alot of items missing from this store. The produce section was practically empty but I did get a bag of spinach.

Someone left that post card on the bulletin board outside of the store.

Well I got home a little after 9am. Already getting warm outside. Think I will go make a new smoothie with the spinach and yogurt along with the almond milk and frozen fruit that I already had.