It’s another day off. WoW! an actual whole weekend. It’s the first week I have had 2 days off together in awhile…maybe since I have been back.

As usual, I got up early to make coffee and then laid down with my phone to check messages. Wasn’t ready to make anything to eat at that time. I finally got around to eating a little before 9am.

I had heard a few customers praise those vegetarian chick sliders so I wanted to try them. Maybe they took the time to cook them on the stove, while I just wanted something quick and easy. I heated mine up in the microwave. Not sure what I was expecting but they didn’t seem all that special. The bag of Multi Grain Orzo, Quinoa and Veggie Blend is from Schwan’s food delivery and becoming one of my favorite items.

Now for some of you, this might seem like a strange meal to have at 9am. But I don’t live on a farm and there are no eggs in the house. Hmm, 4 girls share this kitchen and not 1 egg around. Anyway who says that you have to eat eggs for breakfast? I eat what I like, even if it’s quinoa and veggies for my first meal of the day.

One of my housemates seems to be pampering herself in the bathroom.. because I hear her dropping containers of stuff around. I told her before that one of these days I am going to get a picture of her sitting on the counter in front of the mirror while fixing her hair. It just cracks me up seeing her like that… Oh to be so young, flexible and soooo tiny.

I guess I should go do my laundry and maybe go check to see if “Chopped” is on the food network channel. Then later I will go up to the post office to mail a package to my grand-daughter. She should start first grade later this month and I am sending her some Grand Canyon clothes and a new doll for school.