About a month ago, right after I left the Chesapeake Bay, (and before I arrived at my present job) I was reading online about making money with Google ads. I even downloaded 2 books onto my tablet on the subject. I don’t think I am skilled enough for the beginner book. The Google AdWords for dummies is way over my head.

I don’t think either book explained how money is going from a reader’s pocket to a blogger’s Pocket. You see first I need a dummies book to pay pal or whatever way that you can get paid. Because if money can’t get into your pocket than there is no way to get paid from doing anything online.

I don’t have PayPal…pay pal doesn’t like me because I move often and I used to change debit cards even more than I changed addresses.

Anyway, from my day of boredom last month, I ended up getting charged $213.42 for a Google AdSense Campaign that I totally don’t understand or need. Obviously I wasn’t making money with Google ads. I was going to be losing money every month if I couldn’t figure out how to stop the nonsense ad campaign.

Luckily I happened to check my bank account the day this transaction appeared as a “pending” charge. I was in shock when I noticed that $213+ was going to be deducted from my account. To me..that was a huge bill, even bigger when I added it up for a year. I ain’t used to monthly bills and I surely didn’t want that one.

So I messaged my bank with my complaint. The bank’s claim office tried calling me yesterday while I was at work (so I couldn’t answer my phone). So today I checked my bank account and saw that the bank put the $213+ back into my account. Oh I am so grateful to whoever works in the claims/complaint office of my bank. It took them 2 weeks but they finally got the money back from Google. When I saw the money back in my account..I felt like I was David and Google was Goliath…and I won!

Lots of people may not like bank’s for many reasons, but today I absolutely love Wells Fargo Bank.