I don’t remember calling out of work because I was sick, for over 2.5 years, but I had to call out today. The day started off just fine but around 8:30am I realized that something wasn’t right.

I couldn’t handle sitting up on my bed. My head hurt and I felt dizzy. My stomach sorta felt like it was on a tilt-a-whirl ride at an amusement park. So I spent more time just lying down on my bed. I couldn’t even finish my 2nd cup of coffee.

By 9:30am, my coffee up-ended into the toilet. Oh no, not how I wanted to start a work day. I couldn’t imagine standing at a cash register when I was feeling so awful so I quickly sent my boss a text letting him know that I couldn’t come in because I was throwing up. Later at 11:30 I called him up to make it official and follow proper work procedure for calling out. Just my luck my boss wanted me to walk over to work to get medicine.

While I was in the store, I picked up an Arizona Ice Tea with ginger and honey. I just like the idea of having something with ginger whenever I am having stomach issues. I also grabbed a lemon to slice up later to put into my water bottle. I drink water every day but still not as much as recommended. But seeing as I was feeling sick I wanted to make sure not to get dehydrated.

Strange how when I am sick, I start searching online for more ways to live healthier. As if my health didn’t matter before I felt sick. Of course my health mattered before but while I am sick it becomes too priority.

Today is actually my scheduled day off from work so an extra day to rest and hopefully tomorrow will be a normal day. I rarely ever feel sick and it’s no fun when there is nobody else around to pamper you. So hopefully I don’t get sick again for awhile. For now I will make some hot tazo tea and see if I can get back to sleep.

Anyways I fell asleep while I was searching things online and then I woke up around midnight. It’s almost 3am now and so far this day seems better. Maybe I just had a 24-hour flu or maybe the slice of pizza that I had the night before at work didn’t settle right.

Well I am going to make a cup of my favorite Tazo tea and see if I can sleep a couple more hours. Today is actually a scheduled day off for me, so an extra day of rest and hopefully I will be back to normal.