I was following about 60 different blogs on WordPress, earlier this week. Technically I didn’t read half of them. I now have it down to 25 blogs but if I find new ones that interest me then I will add them to the list.

It’s funny strange how a new person will follow my blog, so out of curiosity I will go check out their website. Sometimes they have a blog or 2 that I like but sometimes their blog will have nothing in common with my blog. So then I wonder how they found me. Of course sometimes I wonder if they are just following anyone and everyone trying to get people to follow back and buy whatever they are selling.

I have noticed more followers on WordPress and on different social media sites too. I realize that there is a Pandemic going around so maybe people are spending more time online.

Maybe I need to limit my time on social media. I use Facebook because my family is there and the little community I live in has a community page with local updates. Lately I am enjoying Pinterest again. This blog will automatically get posted on Twitter as soon as I hit the publish button. I love Instagram and it’s the only site I have one of my grand-daughters on. I have a LinkedIn page but seeing as I ain’t looking for a new job I have no reason to look at it. According to Google, the website Goodreads is also a social media site and I keep a page there to read reviews on different books.

Years ago I had a Tumblr page but I stopped using it when I forgot my username. I still get emails from an old Quora page and will occasionally read some of it.

Mostly it seems like people will follow me here but rarely ever comment. Excuse me while I go check out some new followers on Twitter. I am sure that I am following a few dozen people that I never chat with. Maybe it’s time to weed out the list of people I follow there. Actually there is one lady who likes many of my blogs here on WordPress, that I just recently found on Twitter…so I will keep her on my list for awhile.