I arrived here at my present location about 6.5 weeks ago. Since being here the internet has not worked on my laptop or either one of my tablets. I was only using the tablets to play backgammon or candy crush. Yesterday one of my bosses (who is also one of my housemates) showed me where the password to the wifi network was located…yes its actually written down in the house and I never saw it before.

Seeing as the housemate was sitting in the kitchen with her laptop doing schoolwork, I didn’t watch food network. Her online class was more important then any cooking show and I didn’t want to distract her. She is studying for some type of computer degree (sorry but I forget what the actual degree is).

Now that I have a tablet connected to wifi again, I opened 1my kindle app to update it. Originally all my books were only on my older tablet but I now have them on the newer tablet that I bought when I was in Death Valley. Then I went searching for new books to download. Luckily most of the new books were free.

I have a variety of books to read, while I am in my room. Now if the wifi messes up I will still have plenty of reading material to keep me occupied. Hopefully the wifi doesn’t mess up like it did when I was in Death Valley. One of my favorite sites to get free (or cheap) books to download is bookbub.com.

I was also able to access one of my emails that I have not been able to get into with my phone. I found a few emails for a free course I had signed up for with “Alison”. That site has a long list of courses that you can take for free, Once you have completed your course, you can download your learner record as proof of your achievement. Should you like something more official, you can purchase your certificate or diploma (depending on the type of course or Learning Path you’ve completed)
Now that I have wifi again, I will be checking out their courses for health, psychology and Spanish. I just found my profile on Alison… apparently I had signed up for a French class over a year ago. I forgot all about it. Good thing the course is free.

Even though I had internet on my phone before, there are quite a few things that I couldn’t do with it..also there were quite a few of my own pages on different sites that I couldn’t seem to get access to while using my phone. Now that my tablet is usable again, all those sites seem to be working for me again. Aah life with internet… how did we ever survive before?