It’s hard to believe that August is almost over. Soon it will be September… meaning schools are starting back up. I think the school in my area starts on September 8th, which is actually late for this area. September was always a time for new teachers, new classes and maybe new friends when I was a kid. I am not sure why school years don’t start after Christmas vacation just so a new school year would start the same time as a “New Year” on the calendar.

Well we even have changes coming up at work. In the Starbucks that’s connected to my store, 2 of their lead people are leaving on Labor Day weekend to move to Montana. Then a week or so later another employee will be going away to another country. The employee going overseas is one of my housemates. So one less person to share the bathroom with.

Then today one of my co-workers gave his notice. He will be leaving on September 25th. He has been here for about 2.5 years. He works as a cashier in my store and as a part-time employee in our little post office. Which means the post office will need a new person, and that new person will be ME.

I will still have the same housing and work in the same building, but I will get to learn something new. I can’t wait! I will be training starting next week. My work schedule will be a bit different because the post office is only open from 9-3. Everyone in town gets mail at the post office. Nobody has a mailbox at home.

Tonight at work, the assistant manager on duty had to leave for an emergency. She was almost crying when she left. I had heard that one of her brothers had covid-19, so I am not sure if he got worse. I have a feeling that she won’t be at work tomorrow. She is the housemate that is doing online college that I mentioned earlier this week ..and she wasn’t home when I finished work tonight.

It’s after 10pm now. I am wishing that I had some soup. Why does chilly nights make me want soup? Unfortunately I don’t have any. I need to buy groceries tomorrow.

The link above I found online today and want to try. I love sweet potatoes (and yams) and I like chickpeas. Curry just seems like a perfect spice for Autumn weather. A lady here in town gave me some bags of dried split green peas and I want to make Split Pea Soup. For me thats “comfort food” because I remember my grandma making it often when I was a kid. It just warms you up from the inside and makes you feel all cozy.

I have seen people add potatoes into Pea Soup before, but I don’t remember Grandma doing that. Sometimes she added ham and sometimes she didn’t. Just depended on whether she had any. Grandma wasn’t a rich lady and ham was for special occasions. But the soup tasted yummy with or without the ham.