Even though I finally went to bed after midnight, I got up at 6am today. I had time for coffee and Facebook before heading out for my morning shift at work.

Hopefully this morning will be busier than the last few nights. I wonder what business will be like on Labor Day weekend and for the rest of the 2020.

Well I am now back home. Work was mostly slow with a short rush just before noon. The best thing about today was that I got a message from my oldest daughter saying that she would be here to visit on the 25th. Usually she spends her vacations down on the Colorado river, (I got to see her last January) but this time she will be taking time out to see the Grand Canyon. It will be just a one day visit but I am excited to show it to her. I already asked my boss for the day off.

After work I went down the street to check out the new business in town.

I had never heard of “gelato” before. It’s an Italian frozen dessert that some people might mistake for an American ice cream. But after trying samples of 3 different flavors today there is a definite difference in flavor. From the 3 flavors that I tried, raspberry was my favorite.

Ok I told myself I would try to organize my outline tonight, so that’s what I am going to do now while I have some clam chowder and crackers for dinner and a piece of the mint chocolate fudge that’s in the above picture collage.