I had the morning shift again today. I walked up to work just in time to get a pumpkin spice latte and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin from Starbucks before I had to clock in.

There are different foods that are special to this time of year but most of them you can actually find all year around… except pumpkin. Pumpkins are made just for Fall/Autumn. Sure if you stock up on canned pumpkin then you could enjoy them all year long. https://www.momables.com/what-to-make-with-canned-pumpkin/

I finally ordered a bathroom scale and a long sweater from Amazon. I will probably order a couple more sweaters later on. I like wearing long bulky sweaters during the Fall. The one that I ordered was white and Gray. I am thinking of looking for a more colorful one next time. Maybe keep the gray one just for work and a colorful one for other times.

Hopefully this order from Amazon finally gets to me. I have been having bad luck receiving my orders from Amazon ever since I moved back here. In fact Amazon had to refund my last 3 orders because I never got them. I might have to find a new online company to shop from.