S – Smile everyday
E- Enjoy Life
P- Practice Patience
T- Thankful
E- Energetic Enthusiasm
B- Balance
E- Encourage Others
R- Relax & Rest

I have not used my Fitbit since January. I took it off when I noticed a sore on my wrist from the strap. I am thinking that it’s time to charge it up again. Thankfully I kept it, even with all my packing and moving around this year. I just finished charging it up and syncing it with the wifi here. I missed seeing my sleep report from Fitbit. I need the reminder to move every hour. I already signed up for a weekend challenge to get me moving.

Course wouldn’t you know it..when I start thinking that I need to walk more, I wake up to 45° weather outside the last few mornings. I am not ready for Winter. After spending the last 2 years around Death Valley, I have no winter clothes.

Today I finally decided to rearrange my room. I have been wanting to do this since I got here in July. OMG, my furniture (bed and dresser) must weigh a ton, but I got it moved. Now I am to tired to finish cleaning up. WoW, I definitely could not be a professional furniture mover. Ha, you won’t believe where I put my bed now. I will have to take pictures after I clean up some more and show you.