Once again Google tried taking money out of my bank account, to pay for some unwanted ads. Does anyone reading this blog even see any ads? I got 2 emails from Google around 1:00am stating that my bank refused to let them take money out.

“Google Ads was not able to charge your account because the bank reported the account was closed.
If your account isn’t updated, your services may be interrupted.
Please update the payment method in your account. If you didn’t close your account, contact your financial institution to resolve my issue”

1st: my account is still open so not sure why the bank told them otherwise. 2nd: It took the bank 3 weeks to get a refund from Google last month, you would think the internet giant would take a hint. It obviously doesn’t read any of the emails that I sent either. I should email the bank to say thank-you.

I can find a bunch of blogs by other people telling their readers how wonderful Google ads are. Or they will try to explain how ads can help you make money online.

That’s all a big joke to me. Supposedly I have a Google ad account. I can’t even explain what my ad is because I have never seen it. Supposedly you click on ads and they lead you to some product or service. I don’t have either of those. So I don’t know where my ads actually lead you to.

To me a product would be a book, or clothes item, or some kitchen appliance. You know something that you can hold in your hands. A service would be like babysitting, housekeeping, mowing a lawn or knitting items to sell at Christmas time. I ain’t doing any of that either.

Sure I can tell you about my simple breakfast of instant oatmeal with frozen blueberries in it, but I ain’t selling oatmeal to you. I ain’t going to survey all the places across the country and tell you where the best blueberries are either.

My blog is basically just an online journal (and sometimes quite boring). But nothing for sale. I tried sales jobs before selling Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy Candles, and maybe a few other things that I forget at the moment. Believe me when I say that I am no salesman. I lost money from every company I signed up with, because I am not good at convincing people to waste their hard-earned money on stuff that they don’t really “need”.

Seeing as Google doesn’t read my emails when I tell them to cancel all ad accounts, I wonder how long it will take for this blog post to reach them when I tag #google with it.

Now excuse me while I get ready for work. Even though I work in a general store I don’t have to convince anyone to waste money on unnecessary items. Customers walk into the store already planning on doing that.

It might be considered old-fashioned now-a-days but that’s what “work/job” means to me. You go to a physical brick and mortar building and punch a time clock for 6-9 hours a day while a boss tells you what to do.