I had stopped using the Fitbit in January, when the strap caused a sore/blister on my wrist. Even though I wasn’t using it I made sure to pack it during all my moving around the country. Well this last weekend I finally decided to charge it back up and have another go with it.

That challenge was during the holiday weekend when my store was the busiest it has been since the whole pandemic started. It was practically non-stop craziness all weekend and obviously it was good for my Fitbit challenge. I have another weekend challenge coming up but I will be off work so I don’t expect to move around as much.

Yesterday I got a new trophy in my Fitbit app,

I don’t really understand how “floors” are calculated, but it was the first time I reached that level.

I will be finishing a work week hustle challenge tomorrow. It was my first one since around Christmas time and I think it will be my last. I had gotten my personal best trophy during one of these work week challenges almost a year ago (September 28, 2019). I only have until tomorrow night to finish the challenge I am in now and I am not even half way to last years steps.

I was trying to remember when my left hip started giving me trouble, by going back through my Fitbit scores to see if there had been a huge difference. But I started using the Fitbit mid-June 2019 and stopped using it in January 2020. Maybe it’s to early in the morning but I can’t remember now if I was having issues with my hip before 2019. I would have to check my earlier blogs or my postings on sparkpeople to see if I had mentioned it before.

Would you believe that I started doing laundry this morning at 4:30am. Is that crazy or what? You want to know what’s even crazier…. I took my Fitbit off to charge it up after I put clothes in the washer and now I am waiting for it to finish charging before I walk out through the kitchen to put my clothes into the dryer. Otherwise those steps won’t count.