Last week I started training in a job at our little local post office. Ben Franklin was the first general post master in 1775. I wonder if working in a post office was as complicated then as it is now.

Before this week, I had no idea how money orders got printed. Well its done with that strange looking machine above.

Today I had those 2 big bins full of packages to sort through this morning.

As many times as I have ordered items online and tracked my own packages, I never thought of what it took to get that information online. I had 2 packages for myself today. One was a sweater that I ordered from Amazon. I was checking the website every day to see where the package was located.

It came from Kentucky, then went to a few Post offices in Ohio and Illinois before appearing in Southern Arizona. Then it arrived in Flagstaff Arizona on Tuesday (1.5 hours away) and I finally received it on Thursday.

I never gave much thought about the tracking info…like what it meant when it arrived and left different city post offices. Now I am just wondering why the new work pants I ordered seem to have gotten “delivered” in Flagstaff.

I gave up the post office job after 3 days. I went back to being just a cashier in the store. It’s less complicated and confusing in the store.

Ok, I had this post saved as “draft” because I just got busy and forgot to post it….so I am posting it now.